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Pictures Galore

But wait, there’s more!

I’ve spent my day uploading pictures to flickr. You can click on the pictures on the left. The “It’s Christmas Time!” link will direct you to the flickr site sign in page only, rather than to a specific set like the “Happy New Year!” and “Munich, Germany” links will do. This is because the Christmas link has lots of pictures of my nephews and you have to know me to see those! [If you are already a friend or family on flickr, then just sign in and you can look through them now. There are also lots of ali and his USA adventures in that set.] I will be sending some invites to some folks after I get the NYC pics up tomorrow so you can have free reign on my flickr site. If I forget to invite you, leave a comment and I will add you to my list.

Enjoy the ones posted for now.