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Passing Thoughts

I have them. Often. Things I want to sit down and write about. But the time passes and it doesn’t include time for writing. I have to make that time. And I haven’t been doing that so well lately. Being busy is good here, it affords me less lonely moments.

The sun was shining today. The air was crisp and cool. My jeans didn’t freeze and rub against my legs. No chill travelling up my spine. My feet were cosy in my newish red shoes (one of my Christmas presents from ali that I love love love). I walked the cobblestone streets in Schaffhausen on the first Saturday for months that I have stayed in town. It felt good. I didn’t feel lonely or bored. I recycled my plastic bottles, empty from the orange juice that perks me up in the morning. I bought a few special groceries, too famished to read the ingredients in French. I went to my favourite shop and bought the jeans that I had coveted a few months ago that were now on sale: super sale. I stopped to purchase a couple candles to create a calm glow for my yoga practice, also on sale. I still feel guilty for shopping. I’m here to pay off some of my debt (and it’s the closest I can be to ali, geographically), but I tell you what, it sure is liberating to be able to afford such things as candles and jeans that actually fit. Right on, I reassure myself.

All of this was after my productive morning. I met Nicole at a new cafe that is hidden down a side street where I also began French lessons this week. This cafe could be our future venue for V-Day. And I say OUR because I finally have a partner in all of this. Nicole has decided to join the team, so now, a team actually exists. And she is Swiss, so that means she speaks the language, she knows people and she knows places. The huge bonus is that she is full of wonderful ideas and the fire we need to accomplish this in a few weeks time. (!!!) I left the cafe with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, with a long list of things to accomplish for V-Day this weekend.

And that’s what I am about to do. Hoping to mix in a little reading, writing, yoga and art time in there. I’ll be back!