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Bloggies 2006

So I spent my Sunday being productive at home. In between cleaning and laundry, I also looked into the Blog Awards for 2006. Throughout the day I went back to view EVERY blog nominated in each section. I was familiar with some and found a few new gems. I’ve decided to inlude some of the ones I’d like to revisit in this post because I am not really up to putting their link in my template at the moment and I want to share the good news! It’s always fun to see what thoughts are whirling in the heads of other folks around the world. Enjoy! If you visit the Bloggies site then you can vote for your favourite ones too. The ones I’m linking here are in no specific order. Just quickly thrown at you because I’ve been hit by a headache and need to lay down.

Finslippy (writing)

Said the Gramaphone(music)

It’s Raining Noodles (teen)

mainely madge (writing)

DRAWN! (art)

Ear Farm (music)

particletree (web design)

the Snowsuit Effort (photography)

Daily Dose of Imagery (photography)

Vitriolica Webb’s Ite (art)

Bagdad Burning (middle east)

Sleepless in Sudan (africa)

India Uncut (asia)

Tokyo Girl (asia)

There were more categories and also more blogs that were worth a mention, but these seemed to fit my tastes and delights for this afternoon. You will find I already have links to a couple of the nominations under my “females of note” links section: dooce and la coquette. I also feel that there are a blogs out there that “out do” some of the ones mentioned, but what can you do? Visit Bloggies 2006 to check it out yourself.

Now I’m going to read a book, laying down. Oh yes.