Switzerland, V-Day

Happy V-Day

Well, it’s here. V-Season has begun. The “V” in V-Day stands for “Victory”, “Valentine”, and “Vagina”. V-Season begins on Valentine’s Day and ends on International Women’s Day, March 8th. V-Season creates an entire new reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You. A woman. Strong. Confident. Beautiful. Deserving. Have you loved your vagina today?

To kick off V-Season, I have an information session scheduled in a local cafe tomorrow evening which will hopefully bring newcomers into the Schaffhausen/Zurich World-Wide campaign event. So far it’s looking like a German event may happen, but we are looking for some English speaking actresses, anyone interested?

And yes, the holiday. Spain was sunny. Details will follow as time permits, of course. Ali’s in town to celebrate the romantic side of V-Day and leaves the day before my birthday to go back to work. So we celebrate early this weekend in the mountains, where hopefully there will be snow — despite being sick of the cold, it is beautiful up there above the clouds within the world of ice and snow — and sunshine.

So, I will be busy getting back into school and spending time with my beloved. And celebrating my vagina.