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Spanish Bliss

It’s no wonder why I refer to my recent holiday with ali as “Spanish Bliss.” When you look over to the left on my blog, you can see the new link to our photos from that trip. The picture chosen for the set is none other than the site where ali bent down to one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” the night before. Aside from taking turns with the stomach flu the week leading up to the memorable event, Spain was sunny as well as a much needed holiday that ali and I had both looked forward to for several weeks, and apparently for different reasons!

I had wondered why my mom kept telling me to just wait until my holiday in Granada, don’t focus on the loneliness in Schaffhausen, wait and make a decision -about your future- on your birthday…she never remembers the cities were ali and I rendezvous! Little did I know, that the gentleman ali was, he asked her permission to ask for my hand in marriage while we were on holiday in Michigan for Christmas. What a romantic beau! So take a walk with us in the sunshine and see where our feet took us in Spain, where our hearts end up together. Awwww. Welcome to our Spanish Bliss.