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I know…I know…I could work PR for npr, but every week I find something new that I really dig. This week it’s Kimya Dawson’s powerful track, 12/26. I think listening to it is enough explanation. The link will take you to her website where you can listen to the mp3 and the see what else she has to offer.

I had no idea what I was about to encounter on npr, aside from as basic into on asc: “Kimya Dawson is a Seattle singer-songwriter and one of the leading voices in the so-called anti-folk movement. Her music is both sweet and brash, funny and poignant. Her ideas come so quickly, she doesn’t sing them as much as babble them like stream of consciousness.”

So that’s all I’m going to include here. Just experience it.


1 thought on “12/26”

  1. Well in a trip around Blogs, I`ve found this, I must recognocize that it´s my first expierence about this, so I hat to get an acount or something like that, sometimes i have problems to express cos my english is not the best, my original language is spanish, but nevermind. Well, the point is that i´m hearing (is the correct word?)Kimya Dawson, and I like it, it´sounds good, a cool country-folk music. I like found some “extrange” music, and if you can bring it to me, i will be pleased. I love found new cultures, i must sy that i´m from Argentina, perhaps you don´t know aboutthis country, but I must say too, that i love it, and i´love his rich culture. Well, i´ve wrote a lot, so i left you quiet… Auf Wiedersehen. Ah!! where are you from?


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