Hittin’ the Road Again, er, Plane

Yep. That’s me. Gettin’ on out of this rainy, cold, too long winter here in Schaffhausen. The weather was never so popular, or, unpopular. Every day we talk about, what is happening to this Earth? At least that’s my question. I mean, April Showers Bring May Flowers, but aren’t the showers supposed to be more like rain than sleet or snow by the second week of April? In the back of my mind I wonder if The Day After Tomorrow hasn’t arrived, but in slow motion. Anyways, enough speculation.

Because I’m getting married. Wahoo! Sometimes, I am just walking to school or home from school and I am alone with my thoughts, as I usually am, and I just smile and I see my future and it’s with ali and it’s really exciting.

When I can reply to emails no more and need to surf the web mindlessly, I turn to The Knot where I try to gather wedding ideas. And reception ideas. And yes, I am still looking for a wedding dress. And I am going to find one in London. I know it. I feel it. And it will be affordable. The word bridal seems to attach about a thousand dollars to the price tag and about a kilo or so to the weight of the dress.

As much as I feel like a princess with her childhood dreams coming true when I drop my top and the attendant helps me slide a dress over my body, pulling it tight behind me, holding my arm as I step onto the stool to see the wide train (sp?) cascade around me, it’s just not practical. And that is ok with me. Because I have discovered Vera Wang.

You might be thinking, is she nuts? I thought she was looking for something affordable. Famous designer, affordable? Well, not the bridal line, but the maids line. And they are affordable. And sweet. And elegant. And sexy. And wedding like. And me. Some of them. They can also be ordered in bridal colours. So I have a store noted in my “wedding planner” to search out in London. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I have a good feeling about this. And if not. Oh well.

Because I get to see ali for seventeen days straight!!!!!