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Walking Through My Time

Since the sun has re-entered my life again, I bask in its glow in the late afternoon or early evening every day with a walk. The past few days I have also been able to sit down and write thoughts sometimes gathered while on one of my walks. Today, I mostly listened to Morcheeba, stopping every so often to take pictures. Today’s walk was a shorter one, there are two exciting routes that I go and when ali arrives we will really venture out and walk the 3km to the Reine Falls. Wahhoo. But for now, I stick closer to home. I kind of felt like I could keep on walking but I had already done my circle and somehow I was already tuckered out. Perhaps the after effect of spending the afternoon sorting through pictures on my computer. Perhaps the Sunday lazy day syndrome. Perhaps not. No need really to speculate.

I also printed up the picture of my dress this afternoon. Yes, I found it. The Wedding Dress. It has been ordered. Direct from the designer in NYC. Vera Wang. The maids line, of course. Do you think I would pay for a bridal dress?! It’s so hard to order something that I won’t get to even see or touch until August! So I thought I could look at it while working on my computer and dream up accessories to shop for after its arrival. So, yes, another check off the list. I won’t be posting a picture of it, so if you so require a sneak peak, then email me and I can send you an email with a picture.

I still have some things to do this evening. Like study French for the first time in weeks for my lesson tomorrow afternoon. Like create some piece of art for my aftershcool art club tomorrow afternoon. Like mending the pile of clothing items that just keeps growing. Like making an attempt to finish the book I am reading. Like speaking with ali before he heads into town to catch a film at the Iraqi film festival before heading in to work. Oh, the things I have left to do this evening. Fabulous.

And I leave you with some photos from my walk this afternoon. Yes, it’s beautiful. Now why don’t you come and join me!


Three Blind Mice Sculpture in the Rheine, view of Schaffhausen

Branched Frame, slight view to the entrance to my street in buildings across the river

Shining Through, Guiding Light