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Rock On

Oh yes. I love a good groove. Shaking my hips, rolling my head back and with a smile on may face, content and happy. The love of my life grooving behind me, arms around me. Our hands reach into the air and we clap them until they are raw. I smile up at the members of the band on stage, the lead singer. The guitarists. I think he saw my smile. Maybe. I hope so. Just because I want them to know how much fun I am having because their music ROCKS OUT.

Ali and I spent Saturday in Zurich. Shopping for shoes and sitting by the lake with our feet dangled over the concrete edge not far from the pier. Sipping wine and sharing exquisite cheese and bread while the swans tried to get in on our picnic to no success. We discussed all the things that I miss having him here to discuss and had our fair fits of laughter too. The sun kissed our noses and left its marks on my shoulders as well. It felt good to wear a summer sundress again.

We wound our way around one side of the lake and through a wooded path into the side streets of Zurich until we located the river and an overpacked bar where I had hoped we would share an intimate drink. Instead we ventured to one across the road and had some more wine at picnic tables near the canal instead. After discussing wedding plans and coming up with more new ideas, we decided we needed to head in the direction of the concert.

The dark grey clouds rolled in and we headed out for the journey to Volkhaus on an unknown path. Thunder rolled and the sky opened up, rain hit our legs sideways and the one umbrella between us wasn’t as helpful as we’d hoped. We took refuge in a locked doorway to a warehouse long closed and waited. It was nice to cuddle in the corner and listen to the thunder above us like a blanket that had long been packed away. It reminded me of a Michigan summer thunderstorm. And we were happy.

When the rain slowed to a shower after the downpour, we kicked up our heals and headed back into the rain. We ran this way and that way, the soaked map closed tight, crumpled in my right hand, still guiding us. After a quick falafel at a kebab shop we found ourselves nearly at the doorsteps to our destination. Folks of all kinds milled about as we tried to find the correct entrance for our big event.

Once we found it, hands linked together, we waded our way through the crowd and made it all the way up to the front of the stage. We stayed there, dancing and happy for the next three hours. While Iron and Wine, Calexico and Salvador Duran took to the stage. Playing on their own. Playing together. Celebrating life, love, music, poety, oh and just rockin. Trumpets. Guitars. Accordian. Harmonica. Violin. Drums. Beats. Beautiful voices.

To get an idea of how the concert went, visit npr’s all songs considered archives. My heart and soul are bursting with joy and happiness from this show. There’s really no other way for me to explain it.