All At Once

Life changes…all at once.

Like when something huge happens and your heart is a flutter and there is a spring in your step and a smile plastered to your face and you haven’t told many yet why. [of course my mom knows…]

It’s true.

That’s how I am. Right. Now.

And now I bet I have you…right at the end of my fingertips.

Oh it’s busy over here. Getting my two lives to merge into one. Swiss life. London life. There was some seriously fun merging this weekend. Three events which began the merge of ‘two lives’ into ‘one’. And of course, wedding planning. And of course, book shopping at the Hay on Wye Festival in Wales. Details. I know. You want them. All in good time my dears.

For now. I must. Take a bath. Because even though you might be melting over there, someone said it might snow (!!!!!!) this week here. Ridiculous. Take me back to the tropics. Please.