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Merge Number One

Home Sweet Home. It’s true. Home is where the heart is. Truly.

Well, thanks to my man, Mr. Alastair Sharp, we have a new place to call home. During his week off last week he began a search in one of the areas where our feet have tred upon many times during my visits to London, and he found one. Organising to take on a flat before I saw it and without me there to help was challenging but not impossible. After phone calls and meetings and filling out forms with me on the other end of the line, Ali was able to secure the flat. A week ago Friday, I was able to meet the landlord and see it for the first time. It was perfect.

So that’s that. While working this week, Ali made more phone calls and was available for phone calls, even when he was trying to sleep, because remember he’s on night shift. The rental agreement was emailed to me, I then printed, signed, initialed, had all of this witnessed and signed again, then sent off priority plus to arrive by this Friday, 2nd June. As efficient as the Swiss systems are, it arrived on time and Ali took it and did his half of the signing and initialing and TA DA, it was exchanged for the keys to our new place, along with lots and lots of money. It wasn’t exactly in the budget this month to pay rent and put money down on an apartment, but we do what we can and we did it. [But now you know why I can’t call you to tell you the rest of our news and have to unwravel it slowly…]

Ali is moving things over in shifts and will complete the move this week, when he’s NOT working. Then in two more weeks, he will join me here for my last week of school and help me move all of my remaining things to our new place. It will be amazing to actually leave together, with one another and not without the other!

So this is the first bit of exciting news in our lives, the first merge shall we say. Our very own, first place. It’s near Victoria Park in East London. There is Broadway Market, a market with organic foods and flowers and even cute little tops for summer time, located just a ten minute walk away on a street equiped with cafes and bookstores. Another Sunday Market – the name escapes me at the moment – for flowers and plants just up the road. Oh it’s lovely. The canal is just outside the flat, past the nice small green lawn we have. Through a small gate that leads to a walk along the canal to Victoria Park. And I believe I will be able to explain it all better once I have joined Ali there myself.

But for now, I have been working on reports all day, a bit more than a third of the way done, and I think my brain is a bit fried, or my creativity curtailed by all the educational jargon that has been spewing forth from these fingertips. Mostly I just wanted to say that my man rocks and even though he was nervous about choosing a place without me there, I am so glad he did. It’s absolutely perfect. And it will be our home, because we will both be in it! Plus, there is a fold out couch for any visitors. And we hope there will be plenty…hint hint!