Job, London

Merge Number Two

I’ve signed and faxed the contract. I begin my employment with an international school in Central London on August 21st. They’ve agreed to give me the week of our wedding off, unpaid.

What will I be teaching? Well, that’s still not concrete yet, although I am hoping for Year 3 (7 year olds), they are now asking me if I would be interested in team teaching Year 1 (5 years olds). Twenty-two of them. I’ve never team taught before. And I’ve never taught five year olds. I’m trying to be open-minded to a new opportunity – and I will be – but I am also more keen to teach children how to write stories, rather than how to write the alphabet. Plus, I really do have an awful singing voice and I know those little kiddies love music. So, we’ll see.

But I have to say, it has been fantastic knowing that after two phone interviews – one including a very lengthy presentation with pictures and everything – that I have a job. In August. At an international school. With other young teachers. In Central London.

And the sun shines on.