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This One is for My Homey

Sitting on the stoop of our new London flat, sun lowering in the sky behind us after another scorching summer afternoon, we lift our tin cups to cheer to another day of being together. It’s still a novelty. Before we drink, we tap the bottom of the cup on the floor — or the table — usually for anyone we think of that is not here with us. When we were apart, it was for one another. This time, it was for Adam.

Three years ago, yesterday, he died in a landslide while on a motorcycle trip in Northern Vietnam. So before our first Friday night out in an artsy Shoreditch bar, we toast for him. I can only smile when I remember Adam and our friendship. It was one filled with great amounts of laughter, groovy dancing, discussions of the opposite sex, and just good times.

I thought of him earlier this week while we watched Austin Powers. Dr. Evil tipped his drink, announcing “This one’s for my homies.” Flashbacks of Adam on the bus to the Koh Samet Staff Bonding Trip, standing in the aisle, tipping his ‘forty’ onto the floor, “This one’s for my homies!” We threw our heads back in laughter and had no idea all the fun times that lie ahead in that year. As with everything else, I have those memories.

Cooling off in a waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Groovin, House Party in Bangkok

Laughter and Silliness Abounds, Another House Party, Bangkok

Nothing else to say really. Except, this one is for my homey, Adam.


Thanks for all the laughter and all the memories.

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of my brother Josh’s death. Ali and I are going to do something special together in London, just for me and remembering Josh.