Wedding Planning 101: The Dress

It’s true. I have nearly two months off in the summertime. I finished one job on June 23rd and begin the next one on August 21st. Am I a lucky girl or what? School’s out for the summer! Well. Lucky it is that I have a holiday. So that I could pack my place in Switzerland and move to London to FINALLY be with Ali. And that’s what we’ve been doing. Being together. And while he works, I do my ‘other’ job. The one that finds its payoff at the end. The Wedding Planner. That’s right. It takes a lot of work to plan a wedding, even when it’s going to be a very tiny one.

No matter how big the wedding is, there is still The Dress.

And at the moment, that’s the priority. The Dress arrived from Vera Wang, New York, while I was still in Switzerland. Ali pushed the Fed Ex box under the bed to stifle any urges to rip it open and peer secretly into the black garment bag that kept it safely hidden. He did this well. Perhaps it was the veil his mother had mailed us stuffed into flesh coloured stockings that lay on the floor, guarding the Fed Ex box. It’s true, every time you walked by that flesh coloured tube of veil, you’d do a double take because it looks like a human arm. Scary. When I arrived in London, I promptly hid everything in the back of the wardrobe, after trying it all on of course. And after being startled more than once by the ‘veiled arm.’

Last night, I pulled The Dress out again and stood on a kitchen chair in the bathroom facing the large mirror on the wall. Catching an almost full length glimpse of myself in The Dress, it is clear that it is one size too big and about a billion inches too long. Ok, slight exaggeration, I’m not that short, but The Dress really is that long. It’s not your traditional wedding dress, not even in the white or ivory family. But I absolutely love it. And that’s all I can say about it, due to the sensitive nature of my readership. Details CANNOT be revealed. Unless, of course, you want a sneak peak then I can email you a picture.

I’ve begun contacting bridal alteration companies. I found a few, sent out emails and only heard back from one. These ladies come to our flat to size me up and prepare the alterations. With a fee. This company will also go shopping with you and for you for all your bridal accessories. For a fee. Which costs more than my dress. Lucky I am not that lame and I am going shopping with Hilary today for shoes and other fun items to match. Lucky she’s in town, or the service might sound tempting, at least for some company. And come on, I am new in town, a girl has to learn the best shopping haunts. Ri-ight. As if I don’t already know where a good handful are. Come on, this is London.

In an effort to get the most out of my dress and the accessories that go with it, as well as the hard work — and money — in putting it all together, I will be wearing the dress three times. That’s right. Three. London. Melbourne. Michigan. In that order. Plans for each, still in the making. Of course.

Tomorrow’s post: Invitations. And that’s hoping they are on the way to being done. Don’t ask.