Wedding Planning 102: The Invites

It’s a sunny, Friday afternoon. The wind rustles through the trees, coming through our open French doors, making the chimes sing. I listen to news on NPR and now the Diane Rehm Show while I paint. Half of the partially painted invites lay scattered around the room waiting to be completed. The rest of them lie blank in a pile before me. It’s quite a project. But it allows my creative juices to get flowing again, while listening to music, news and other stories on NPR, my favourite souce on the internet to listen to.

I have my goal set before me. Since Ali is working this week, I have extra time to do wedding planning and preparations. The goal is to get these invites mailed out by Monday afternoon. So, regardless of the emails I need to write and folks I need to respond to — and you are all on my mind — at the moment I need to get the task at hand accomplished. I am glad it’s a fun one.

Oh, and I found The Shoes to go with The Dress. Saweet. Tick off another item on that list of things to do.