Ready for a Snooze

The invitations are done. They have been posted to various places in the world. Some to our mom/mum who will then forward them on to folks in the states and in Melbourne. Others direct to Thailand and throughout the UK. They should be trickling in shortly to all the destinations on the list. After many hours of painting and a collaborative effort of printing and writing, we have sent them off and what a wonderful item to tick off that ‘to do’ list.

The dress has been picked up. Alterations are underway. Unfortunately they cost nearly as much as the dress when you take into consideration the exchange rate between US dollars and GB pounds. I finally tried the ensemble on together and the shoes match perfectly. Now the seach for the undergarments begins. Ooh la la.

The quote for the flowers has arrived and looks good, affordable. Final musical arrangements are underway. The search for a baker for the wedding cake still exists as we had quite a kerfuffle with our caterer and have made changes in that department. But I feel good. The big stuff is done.

We go shopping for Ali’s suit tomorrow. We already had a look in Notting Hill on Monday afternoon in the kewl retro/second hand shops on Portobello Road.

It’s hot hot hot here. And I am tired tired tired. We had a spontaneous trip to Brighton Beach yesterday and after a full day of cooling down in the chilly ocean, white wine, barbeque, card games and camping, we headed back to the heat in London this afternoon and I feel beat from the heat and lack of sleep.

So that’s all for now. Just wanted to shout a cyber ‘Hip Hip Hooray!’ because we got those invites in the post today.

Now for a late afternoon summer snooze…