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Technical Difficulties

Hi folks. It appears that I somehow deleted the bottom half of my template after the ‘news’ links section. I searched my computer for a saved template and couldn’t find one more recent than June of last year, thus the old text colour and font. But alas, Ali and I have purchased a domain name for me, so it’s true, a lot more changes will be surfacing soon. So, didn’t want to spend too long fixing my mistake. This was also the reason that my blog text was MISSING for two days. Yikes. What a fright. Never fear, I am here.

Other than that. Trying to stand the heat. Wedding planning. You know. Staying up late, into the early hours of the morning watching movies and other good stuff. Trying not to get bogged down by all the news of death and war in this world.

Hoping to go to a protest tomorrow afternoon. That’s right. Against the war on Lebanon and on Palestine.

Also want to head back to St. Paul’s church for the morning service if I can get up in the morning. It was beautiful to sit in there last Sunday and listen to the choir sing in Latin and the orchestra playing Mozart.

So. As always, stay tuned and I hope to churn out some good ole fashioned writing sooon.

Oh and today my ‘b-fri’ from college got married. Congrats Erika B. Wish I was there.

That’s all for now.