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Hello Readers

And thank you for visiting.

Ta da!

Here it is, my new and shiny website! With the help of my beloved Ali and our guest Hammy, I have moved Free As Trees over to here. You will find all the links and all the pictures that you found before and then some. Keep checking back to read about the wedding, my new job, upcoming adventures in England with my mom as well as my Aunt Chris and Ali’s mum and brother. Lots of exciting events coming up, so even if the writing is sporatic, know that it will come. As will the development of this site over time.

Happy Birthday to my brother Bill who turned 28 on August 13 and another Happy birthday to my nephew Logan who will be four years old on August 16th.

So, back to my last week of summer holiday! The rain and chilly air seems to have come right on cue.