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The Wedding Intro

I have looked through the photos and relived moments over and over since our wedding on September 7th and each time is just as magical as the moments in memory themselves. As we waltzed through the day it dawned upon me, with the sunkissed sunrise to sunset, that is really was the best day of our lives. A magic existed admist our very own fairy tale in Little Gidding, Cambridgeshire.

The photos are located on my flickr site, there are three dedicated to the wedding. I will also update my photos page with links to the wedding sets when I have a chance. At the moment, uploading a couple to the site is a bit out of bounds, many of them are large files and I don’t have a program on my computer to downsize the photos…

Wedding Photos taken by Dewi, Rol, and Hammy

Wedding Photos taken by Mom and Aunt Chris

Wedding Photos taken by Moira, Ali’s mum

Wedding Photos taken by Bruce


2 thoughts on “The Wedding Intro”

  1. You looked amazing, Kara!! And your flowers were awesome!! I’m so happy for you two!! I look forward to catching up, and will email you soon. Hopefully we can figure out a time to talk in the near future. Love you and miss you, Beth


  2. All the photos are awesome! you look so very happy. What a wonderful day. Congradulations Kara! My best to both of you. Aloha nui loa.


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