Moments of the Past…

…and just writing as it comes to me.

Reading through old email conversations is like stumbling upon a journal, long since burried, pages yellowed, words fading, with memories that resurface as your eyes skim the page, slowly. The feelings of that time, lost in days gone by, resurface and you can feel the cool breeze from the ocean, the sun on your toes and the memory of the first kiss you and your husband echanged. And all that came afterward.

It’s amazing to me to that while experiencing something new and exciting, there are no thoughts to where it is going, you just exist in that present moment and relish in the beautiful peace it brings you. Why is it that we struggle so much to be aware of each moment and relish them as we live them? Why do we work so hard to get to the next step, to get to the brighter day, rather than to decipher and try to understand the confusing times as we walk through them? It’s difficult, self reflection. But it creates the balance, that I know I need.

And so does writing without inhibition. Without caring who reads my thoughts. Because these thoughts are mine, they belong to me. As do my experiences in life and the people that I share these experiences with. We all make our own choices. And I choose to be honest. With myself and with those I encounter.

The days are much clearer and the nights filled with more stars.