Job, London, V-Day

The Job and the Free Tibet Campaign

Many of you have inquired about my job since I began in August. I was never very keen on discussing it much with anyone. I tried to shrug it off and talk about something more interesting, like the weather in London. Ha. One of the reasons for that was because ‘the job’ was in a constant state of flux. And perhaps it still is. But I am hoping that the current situation is one I will get to iron out and enjoy. To make a long story short, due to the numbers of enrollments in the school, my job changed. A few times. It really kept changing all the time and each time I figured it out, it was time for something new! I began as a team teacher for Year 1 (kindergarten) and Year 2 (first grade), then worked directly with Year 1 only and as I prepared to switch over to work with Year 2 for the second term, the tectonic plates shifted again and I now find myself working my way through a new position as EFE/ESL (english for education/english second language) support teacher for Year Groups 1, 2 and 3. It’s working out nicely — just completed my first week in said new post — and I hope that this one stays consistent. I will also be helping out with the PYP (primary years program) and assisting the PYP coordinator. I know, a lot of educational jargon, but it’s ok, at least I know what I am talking about.

With the job shift, also came a change in my schedule. Which was good for me, since on a whim I applied for an intern/volunteer position with the Free Tibet Campaign in East London, not too far from where we live. A week ago Friday I went in for an interview and on Monday I was offered a position. Friday was my first day and I loved it. I will be working in the fundraising department as a ‘merchandising intern.’ It’s a complete change from what I have been doing since I graduated college and dove into the world of education. International education. The world is wide open and I am just getting started! Again.  I will be interning one day a week, unpaid. The other four days, I am still living strong in the world of international education.

The shift in my schedule feels good. So do the things that are happening around me and that I am getting involved in. I’ve been attending our local group Amnesty International meetings and Ali and I enjoy participating in various film and human rights events at the Amnesty International Human Rights Centre. I’ve also finally gotten in touch with the V-Day organisers in London for this year’s V-Day Campaign; there was a lot of email and phone tag going on there but things are coming together. Having a balanced home and personal life has really made the work situation less stressful. I just seem to let things roll off my shoulders and that feels so good. So new.

Getting this in writing is good for me. I’m trying to make time to write at least once a week and want to work up to writing daily again, even if it’s in my own personal journal. I now also have a block of time set aside for Friday mornings before I head to the campaign office, since those ngo workers don’t begin work at 8.30am like teachers do! I am hoping this helps me get back into the creative swing again. I’ve also been reading the current Myslexia Mag on the commute to work, and that’s been doing nicely as well. Tomorrow’s Sunday. Perhaps I can visit again. For now, it’s time to visit the world of dreams.

Bonne nuit.