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Optimism in Numbers

While reviewing the visitors to my site on sitemeter, I discovered that someone in the States found my site when they put ‘optimism’ into a google blog search. What came up? Four-hundred blog posts matching optimism. The first ten were listed on page one, and among them was my post, ‘The March’, lined up at number four. Number 4 out of 400. That made me feel pretty darn good. Heck, I would even venture to say it made me feel optimistic. Yee-haw.

Adding to the optimism that has been found in the very post about marching for safety and women’s rights, I shall mention my two successful V-Day presentations this week. While the first presentation was attended by just four eager women – and Ali, of course – there were at least a dozen in attendance this afternoon. Everyone had gathered together to learn more about V-Day and discuss joining my efforts, ambition and approved status as a V-Day event organiser, to organise a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues for this years’ V-Season. And fellow readers, all I have for this adventure is complete optimism. What was that? O-P-T-I-M-I-S-M. Spells optimism. That’s right. Over a dozen women are interested in taking part in the performance as well as supporting the event in various other ways. And you know what? That’s plenty to begin with since I was a one woman team that didn’t make it to the performance last year in Switzerland. And this year? It is going to happen.

Mark your calendar. March 24th, Islington – exact location to be announced – will host a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues. V-Season is forthcoming. And I can’t wait to go all the way.

I will be posting updates and information in regards to our V-Day event on my blog, V-Day: Stop Violence Against Women. I will perhaps mention my journey in stories and how it weaves its way through my daily life, here, but all other informative posts will be located on my topic blog. Please visit and leave feedback as you like.