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Kadir van Lohuizen

‘In the picture with Kadir van Lohuizen-Diamond Matters’

Award winning photographer Kadir van Lohuizen talks about his investigative photography projects on the diamond industry and violence against women as well as his work in conflict and disaster zones.Born in the Netherlands, van Lohuizen became a professional photographer after being a sailor, a founder of a shelter for drug addicts and the homeless and an activist in the Dutch squatter movement.

Since taking to photography he has covered many conflicts in Africa, including Angola, Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Liberia.

He worked in the former USSR, Mongolia and North Korea and covered the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. He recently covered the bloody conflict in Darfur and the war in Lebanon.

He is the winner of numerous photography awards, including ‘de Zilveren Camera’ for his story on Rwandan refugees in Zaire (1998), the Dick Scherpenzeel prize for his Sierra Leone images (2000) and his project on diamonds (2005) as well as second prize in the Contemporary Issues category of the World Press Photo award. He also won the prize for Investigative Journalism in Holland and Belgium for his story on the diamond industry.


Last week, Tuesday, Ali and I found ourselves in the audience at The Front Line Club, yet again. This time we listened to a photojournalist, Kadir van Lohuizen, speak about blood diamonds and hurricane Katrina, accompanied by a slide show of his photography. His images and stories were very powerful as is his history as a photojournalist. Take a look at his memorable and artistic photos on his website.