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We Went to Oxford

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We both had a week off together in February and before the big ‘busy’ arrived. We spent a wonderful day wandering around Oxford, celebrating Valentine’s Day a day early by finding refuge beneath an awning near the Oxford Castle to throw back some refined Chilean Merlot and matured blue Stilton cheese after a day milling about the city in bookshops and old libraries; after nearly getting attacked by a cranky German Shepherd and his even more cranky owner; and just wandering hand in hand through the old, picturesque university town. We then skipped through the night rain to the Town Hall where we waited far too long for Regina Spektor to take the stage at her sold out college crowd performance. We found ourselves leaving before her last set as we had to make the 10.21pm train and I don’t remember the last time I ran so fast or so much. All in all, it was a memorable Valentine’s with my hubby.