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V-Day Islington 2007; A Huge Success

The women stared back at me after I had handed each one of them a personally made card with two cast photos, one silly and one serious, with a note from myself inside. As each card was delivered, it was accompanied with a round of applause. For each of these women are amazing. And it was just moments before we had to line up and get ready to take the stage. Before we did so, one of the women lamented how she wished she had thought of something like this to do for me. I told her and the rest of the cast that wasn’t necessary. Just them being there was my dream come true. My dream to organise a theatre production which would raise awareness to stop violence against women was happening at that moment. Our SOLD OUT show, seating over 200 people, would begin in minutes. In hindsight, I wished I had more time to keep a journal of my own journey with organising this production, but I find that I am recalling quite a bit in my reflections while just lying awake in bed in the morning before I start my day, every day since the show on Saturday.

At our dress rehearsal, the women were asked to describe their experience with V-Day in one word. I didn’t get to read those words until after the show, after the cast party, and until I woke the next morning. They were beautiful. I was able to fully realise the impact that I have had on these women as well as the impact that they have had on me throughout this process of putting together our benefit production of The Vagina Monologues. I’d like to share those words now to also describe simply, what the experience was like for all of us.

Describe your V-Day experience in one word: over 20 women responded…

Fun     Cuntalicious     Warm     Liberating     Powerful     Fab Illuminating     Almost unbelievable     Healing     Awakening Loving     Moving     Embrace     Freeing     Empowerment     Exciting     Sorority     Growth     Focussed     Exposure     Courage Empowering

I’ve posted photos taken by Ali, with my fantastic new camera, on my flickr site. But you must be invited to view them. If you’d like to be invited, then leave a comment and I will get in touch with you.

Now for some rest and the follow up report!


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  1. Congratulations Kara! Another one of your dreams come true. You are so amazing. I’d love to see the photos too.


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