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Back in Action: Londontown.

Hello my fellow readers. It’s been some time since I’ve sat down to have a good chat with you. I’ve been on holiday. Belated honeymooning and still more wedding celebrations.

That’s right, after a whirl-wind weekend, full with the production, sold out performance of our Vagina Monologues show, I left just a few days later for the land of Oz. Ali went on ahead of me and I joined him there on Saturday, 31st March after a VERY long flight and short stop over in the land were we met three years ago this April, Malaysia. We then spent two and a half weeks gallivanting with friends and family in and around Melbourne and on our own short honeymoon along The Great Ocean Road, driving up to places Ali hadn’t even yet visited. We had two camping trips, a few shopping trips, and lots of homemade dinners and bottles of red wine with those we love.

Darryl came to spend the later part of our trip with us and it was AWESOME to see him again after nearly three years as well. And now he’s got me onto Facebook. I didn’t think I could get into it, but that was before relocating an old friend from elementary school! Fun stuff! Sorry, my mind is easily distracted at the moment.

I’ve been still recovering from being in another time zone and all that travel time. Words come out of my mouth and then I remember I wanted to say something else. I’ve been early to bed and early to rise, but I have felt fine while at work. Perhaps getting right into the swing of things helped out with that. Even when my head was in the clouds, I didn’t feel like I would fall into sleep like a narcoleptic while walking to my next lesson.

This weekend I am planning to catch up on a few things. Finish the feedback report for V-Day. Head to Columbia Flower Market to pick up some items to aid in the replanting of a few plants that are reaching out for more room to grow. The garden is looking goood, thanks to some caretaking by a friend while we were away. Merci Beacoup! Oh the Basil. Delish. And the snails haven’t wreaked too much havoc on the rest of the outdoor herbs. Fingers crossed.

I’m going a bit all over the place. It feels good to be back. We had a splendid time in Melbourne and it was amazing to be in Australia. I have always wanted to go there. And it truly is magical to see animals in their natural habitat, just going about their business, regardless of you. Kangaroos munching on green grass in golf courses. Koalas snoozing in the Otways (forest). Wallabies hopping into the back garden outside our B&B. And Platypuses in Healsville Sanctuary. The winding Great Ocean Road, reminding me a little bit of the Monterey Coast in California, but with great rocks disappearing due to water tides and erosion. The Twelve Apostles. London Bridge. Don’t worry. I took photos. Oh did I take photos. I am not joking in saying that it was probably about 1000!!! And I will begin to go through them this weekend. Along with my other projects.

I am going to enjoy the solitary time while Ali sleeps and works. I also have two interviews at the beginning of the week to prepare for. And yes, friends to catch up with eventually. After I get my alone time in.

As I began. Australia. Beautiful. Friendly. Sunny. Laid back. Welcoming. Thanks to all who embraced me so wholeheartedly. I felt like part of the ‘family’.

Oh I am so excited about so many things. I am looking forward to spending some time writing and oh the sunshine. We’ve stepped back into a Spring, full of fresh, pastel coloured blooms as well as the green backdrops of full trees. Mmmmm.

Sleep. Then focus. Nighty nite.