Earth Day

I almost forgot, today is Earth Day! Perfect that I plan to do some gardening. If I had the energy, I’d write about how scary global warming is, but I think we all know that. If you haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth yet, check it out.

Being in Australia really made me think of global warming with the drought they’ve been experiencing and the water shortages. It makes me even more conscious in conserving my water here. You never know when you’ll run out. Already the grass is browning from the sun; I’m having flash backs to last summer where green was hard to find, much was the case in and around Melbourne while we visited. Then you go to the Dandenongs and the Otways and are lost in a temperate rain forest. Or north to Sydney where they are experiencing flooding.

There are reasons we need to take care of our Earth. Water shortages and wacked weather are just a couple of them.

Presently, I am happy that Spring is here. So I am going to go out and enjoy it.