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Poetry and Small Updates

I’ve had a lazy Sunday. In between loads of laundry and cleaning up after our small dinner party last night, I spent time moving some poetry over to my site from a previous blog. It’s still a work in progress as I have made new pages and created a link, but need to sort through some of the code to get it looking all nice and pretty. Spacing is a bit off, so bear with me on that.

I’m also digging into a new V-Day project. Couldn’t stay away long! Will update as I learn more about it myself and get a stronger grasp on it.

Ali heads back to Arabic classes this week. So while he is at class, I’ve decided that I will dive into the hundreds of photos we took in Australia as well as get some much deserved thank you cards out. I will be creating them myself, and have an art project idea in the works. I sure do love to be busy!

Hopefully I will know by the end of this week my ‘workabouts’ for next year. Keeping it on the DL (down low) until I hear back from a couple of interviews I had at the start of last week.

Returned to the Free Tibet Campaign on Friday and it was great to see everyone and catch up. I also have a new project to work on that involves more than stuffing envelopes and sending off merchandise orders. I am sourcing possible future merchandise as well as t-shirt designs/designers. Fun stuff.

I’m also going to work on writing creatively again as well as setting aside time for blogging. Even if it’s a short update. And post pics. I have so many and such an awesome camera, I want to post more. Hmmm. Lots of goals. I’m going to begin by taking a bath, reading my Marie Claire (US edition) and head to bed a bit early.