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Spring Cleaning, Photography and Other Ramblings

After some time, I tend to get antsy or bored with the layout of my blog. I try to update it and spend hours working through code that I don’t really understand but am somehow able to figure it out. Sometimes this can be a task I set out to do, other times is purely used for distraction and procrastination to other projects.

Today, on this bank holiday weekend, I sit at our dining table and stare out at the grey sky wondering if the clouds will shift slightly to allow for a bit of sun. It doesn’t look like the perfect day out and I am happy with that as I have my photography project and other distractions/procrastinations to keep me busy. All while Ali sleeps and the washing machine whirs away in the kitchen, cleaning the colourful clothes we’ve been wearing all week. I’m supposed to venture out for some grocery shopping at some point today, but after hibernating to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close this week, I am happy to continue hibernating, instead with quality computer time. Anti-social? Yes. Creative? Hopefully.

Since my main project right now is photography related and I am actually at the point where I don’t need the computer but can’t seem to tear myself away from it so I invent other computer related photo projects, like uploading photos to flickr or searching for new blogs to read. I stumbled across the perfect combination last night and am taking a bit of my early afternoon to delve further into the 2007 Photobloggies Awards. I love looking through blog nominations and awards because it gives me the creme of the crop to choose from when searching out new blogs to read. I noticed this was a need in my life as I have rarely spent time reading through the other bloggers listed in my links, sporadic at best.

This is where the spring cleaning comes in. Adding another Sunday project to my list, I hope to browse and search through some new blogs to add to my linkage and remove some old, less visited ones. I find myself correlating the new links with my photography mania of sorts since receiving my Nikon D40 for my thirtieth birthday. [Those of you who contributed to this amazing gift -and you know who you are- will be the first to reap the benefits of the above said photography project.]

So, keep your eyes open to the sidebar from some new photography links or browse with me and be inspired/motivated/intimidated as I look through a few of this years winners: Durham Township [America], Moodaholic [Latin America], Seriocomic [New Zealand] Life Through the Lens [SEAsia]. There are loads more on the awards site, but here are a few of the winners I’m so far smitten with, but I’ve only just begun.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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