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Technology and Gardening

One provides quiet meditation and relaxation and the other one uses my brain to amounts that I didn’t think possible after a long day of work. Every evening this week, since Sunday, I have been spending two to three hours researching, downloading and troubleshooting [to no success] various photoblog programmes for my site. My pro-flickr account is due to expire and although I could easily pay the fee and continue on as a member for another year, I want to take the challenging route and create something with a little more artistic value.

Perhaps I was inspired by all those photoblogging sites; perhaps I want the prefect window for my beautiful Nikon D-40 photos; perhaps I just needed to create another project for myself. Whatever it is, I really have NO IDEA what I am doing. And I am so totally amazing myself at my ability to remain calm as another download or upload fails. As I read text that is definitely a foreign language to me. As I try one programme after the next without success. Yes, I know I have mentioned this. Perhaps I want you to know what the silence in my writing derives from. But that’s where I am. Trying to figure this out.

And gardening. A little. Today was the first warm and sunny day we have had in a couple of weeks. I decided to sit down with some tunes — courtesy of Ali’s mp3 player — and my gardening tools surrounding me as I pruned the herbs, flicked off the snails and drove out the earwigs [eeewwww] with organic pest control. All of this, I realised, provides me with a way to wind down after a LONG day at work and just clear my mind of thoughts. This surprised me, as I found gardening quite boring — as well as impossible — as I was growing up while my mom spent her early mornings, before the sun was too high in the sky, gardening away outside. I think I now understand her escape from the rest of reality and keeping her sanity while working full time, going to school and raising four kids.

Some projects are meant to make us think, while others give us the much needed break from thought and the reality of the daily grind and the world around us. I relish in both. Today I had that balance. Now exhausted, I climb into bed with fresh sheets after a long, hot shower, and dip into my Marie Claire, another one of those thoughtless meditations. MMMMmmmmm.

Wish me luck with the photoblogging, any advice welcome. Sigh.


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  1. At a VERY quick glance, and based on a LOT of assumptions, I think this one is probably what you’re after: That said, I’ve never photoblogged, never used this plugin and am assuming probably too much.

    Ie I assume that you want to run it thought this blog, not on it’s own site. If you want to run it on your own, separate site, I’d use a content management system. Either drupal or Joomla but that would require more work than I think you’d want.

    It’s starting to get quite cold here, although it’s quite a sunny clear day today.


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