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I’m in a funk. It’s a rainy Sunday. Waiting around to smoky up my eyes and head out to the dance floor with my hubby and some good friends. Going to Koko to dance to the beats of DJ. Krush and DJ Vadim tonight with tomorrow to sleep in and enjoy more one on one time with my wonderful man.

We sat out on our doorstep last night with the moonlight drifting through the clouds, as we stared at the invasion of the snails through our garden and over the grass. They all come out to play and roll over each other in the rain. It’s a dismal weekend, which encourages lots of lounging and movie time with the one I love most. Feeling a bit gushy today. Awwww.

I’ve been rockin’ it with my site and updating here and there and working on a new template that will creep out later this summer after I have figured it all out. Now back to my focus on what began this technological adventure, those photos. I think I’ve decided to keep my flickr account one more year and in that time learn how to install and understand a kickin’ photoblog programme. But that will take time and I still need to learn how to use my camera properly. Priorities really.

Still have one glitch to fix up with my site, at the moment it is not being redirected from to as it was before. So need to get that groovin’ again. More work this week and possibly in my haze of late night dancing recovery.

Just been interrupted by my wonderful husband, “i love you, you are my favourite person in the world.”  So that’s me, out.