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Loch Ard Gorge

Three, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Day Three on the Great Ocean Road turned out to be much sunnier with bluer skies. We stopped at nearly every scenic stop, hopped out to enjoy the sunshine and snapped a fair few photos.

The day started with a dead car battery, so after our lovely camping neighbours jumped started our car, we headed off down the road. We had to leave the car running for a little while so at the first two scenic stops we took turns getting out and taking photos so the other person could see. By the third scenic stop, we decided the car had fully recovered and enjoyed it together.

I even drove on the third day which wasn’t too bad as the road was pretty straight on without much traffic by this point. It was still challenging and my confidence always waned when other cars entered the scene. Driving on the other side of the road and sitting on the other side of the car is strange and kind of trippy.

We spent a fair bit of time at Loch Gorge on this trip, doing a couple short hikes in the area and having a picnic. It was a gorgeous day and slowly the story of the area unfolded as we read each sign post we came upon. There was a shipwreck here in the 1800’s with two survivors. The gorge is named after the clipper ship Loch Ard, which ran aground on nearby Muttonbird Island on 1 June 1878 approaching the end of a three-month journey from England to Melbourne. Fifty-two people were killed, but two 18-year-old survivors, Tom Pearce and Eva Carmichael, were washed into the gorge and found shelter in a cave.

The day ends with our stay at the bed and breakfast with a far away ocean view through the trees. We decided to have one evening to pamper ourselves after camping for two nights as it was our honeymoon!

The sun is shining and I’m going to head to a friends bbq and take a break from these photos. ta ta for now.