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The Otway Fly

The Otway Fly, photo by ali, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

I believe Ali took this photo. He really had a blast with this set of photos and probably took most of them; thus the many faces of me you will find in this set as well.

We had a lot of fun on this little adventure. After our short hike through Mait’s Rest, and our pit stop for coffee near to the coast again, we went back into the forest with a surprise trip to the Otway Fly. The suspended bridges which gradually rise to the top of the trees sway as you walk, single file, from one look out to another.

It was truly breathtaking and I was in my element as you all know that I LOVE TREES. Staring straight out at their bushy tops, or down their slender trunks from above was enlightening. I have always wanted to walk among the tree tops in the rain forest, and there was ali, making another dream come true. What a wonderful husband.