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The Twelve Apostles at Sunset

The Twelve Apostles, colour, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

We made it to the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road near sunset, which made the rocks scream out in different shades or rust colours, reds and oranges. The clouds drifted high into the sky, leaving an opening for the eye of the setting sun.

Facing the sunset, photos were challenging and many were washed out, but Ali especially had fun with this while figuring out the best settings for the camera. Some of the photos in the set have been enhanced or balanced out with the help of the computer programme, while others stay as originals.

Since we took so many photos, it really takes time to go through and try to chose the ones that represent the moments best. It was nice for me to give myself some time between the trip and sitting down to upload the photos. Giving myself that space, I am able to reflect on the moments and enjoy our trip all over again.

Australia is like the US is some ways; the main discovery in comparison I had was of the sheer size of it. We had to choose a small area to explore and plan to branch out each time we visit, which is also what we plan to do each time we visit the US. It’s just too expansive and beautiful to tackle all at once.