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Totally Awesome Tree House Designs

Remember building that tree house in those far gone childhood days? I do. My three brothers and I all worked together to build a tree house in the forest near our home. Before that I had a small folding lawn chair positioned in between my favourite trees at the end of the driveway. We lived in the country and had many trees to choose from.

Our tree house was simple. A few stairs which lead up to a seat for each of us on different branches. Mostly, we took joy in designing and building it. Then we’d sit on our seats and tell stories or joke around. Sometimes I’d sneak away with a book and settle up to read. Unfortuately, our tree house days were short lived as our dad decided to build his massive barn right next to it. So when the ‘developers’ moved in, we had to move out. However, we still had the trees that served as beams holding up our earth berm home. Our family was eco-friendly before it was cool.

So, why the jaunt down memory lane? Well, I came upon this site: Inhabitat — which houses some ultra-cool tree house designs — while doing some research into ethical, organic cotton clothing for the Free Tibet Campaign 2007-08 Merchandise Catalogue.

Check them out: Tree House Designs. Too bad they cost so much money to build!

Tree House


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