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Shipwreck Coast

Green Hills, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

On the last day of our ‘belated honeymoon,’ we took a short walk along the Shipwreck Coast,which was just a short drive from our Bed&Breakfast. It was the sunniest day of our trip, which made the water bluer than ever and sparkle in the sunshine. Gradually, the clouds started to roll in as the tide ebbed and flowed.

Ali and I took turns taking photos, me focusing more on the expansive beach and waves crashing against the shore and he more on the rusty remains of bygone shipwrecks. The black rocks jutted up from the water all the way to the rocky hillside and we could imagine the ships washing up on the shore. Grossly invited, only to be greeted by the jagged shards beneath.

The sea sprayed in our faces as we jumped from one exposed rock to another, avoiding the waves as they got closer to the shore. As we left we picked up a few empty shells for souvenirs — turquoise on the inside — placed them carefully in our pockets and walked hand and hand up the steep stairs and winding road back to our car for the road trip back to Melbourne.