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Koalas in the Trees

Shadows, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

While we were driving through the Cape Otways, we took a short detour and had a picnic among the trees. While we were sharing a Cooper’s Pale Ale and left-over lunch, Ali spotted a Koala sleeping in the tree tops. I created a path to get as close as possible to get some photos, and eventually he woke up and looked down at me. He slowly changed position and then went back to sleep.

As we drove out of the park and through the trees, I began to look at the trees with a new vision. I love trees. I love looking at them and painting them. As a child, I loved climbing into them. But now, I was looking for more sleeping Koala’s.

As we slowly went around the corner, I spotted a big, plump one sleeping at the edge of the tree branch. Ali parked the car and we got out and looked through the branches hanging over the road until we found him.

You can see some of those photos in my flickr set, Great Ocean Road, Day Four.