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Happy Belated Father’s Day

This holiday is an interesting one for me as I haven’t seen my dad in over eight years, I believe it was the Christmas before I left for Saipan. He was living in Carson City, Nevada, where he had moved after my brother Josh died. We kept in touch with sporadic phone calls and there was even a period of time we were emailing and chatting online somewhat regularly while I was living in Thailand and right after he had a quadruple bi-pass heart surgery.

But since that Christmas eight-plus years ago, we haven’t seen each other. He recently he moved to Kentucky and doesn’t have internet and I don’t have his new address or phone number. So I keep up through my brother Jake, who talks to and sees him more frequently. This summer while Ali and I are in the states, we will take a short road trip from Michigan to Kentucky — it’s about an eight hour drive; perhaps one for each year we haven’t seen each other — so that he and Ali can meet each other and I can see him again after so many years. The story of us is a long one; one that I’m not interested in describing on my blog which has recently been taken over by photos rather than the ramblings of my thoughts. Perhaps when I write that book someday; you can read it then.

Now that I am married, I also have another family to celebrate birthdays, and other holidays with. And although it’s a belated one, I’ve created another Hallmark Smilebox card of ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to Ali’s father, Peter — who celebrated both happy occasions on the same day, last Sunday.  The photos were taken on our ‘special day out’ with Peter and Moira, to William Ricketts Sanctuary and the Dandenongs.

For Peter
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