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London’s Favourite Streets

While setting up a meeting with a French journalist for Wednesday evening after work to discuss my involvement with V-Day in London, I needed to locate a suitable cafe nearby where we could meet. I stumbled upon this groovy and helpful site: Street Sensation!

I work near a very trendy, uppity street called Marylebone High Street; where I sometimes escape to for a nice stroll involving window shopping and possibly a coffee at one if its cute cafes during my seldom free lunch periods. On the east side of the street my favourites include: the Conran Shop, a fabulous, modern [and completely not affordable on a teacher’s salary] furniture shop; Divertimenti: London’s largest kitchenware store [also not affordable]. And on the west side, I sometimes visit the Daunt Book Shop, The Prince Regent [afterwork pub stop] and Entre Nous cafe. The street has loads of specialty shops that are nice to browse, not to mention the Cath Kidston shop where Mary took me to buy my set of tea cups after my ‘good deed for the year.’

I decided on a new place I haven’t been to yet, but have always longed to sit in and stare out the window with a cute tea pot sitting in front of me and a friend or even a good book as a companion: Orrery Epicerie.

Just thought I’d give you a little taste of where I currently work in London, as it’s also my last week there because next year I will be working at a school in Hampstead. I suppose I’m also feeling a bit sentimental finishing up and remembering the highlights of the year. Interesting how one of them is the High Street…