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Our Hood in Hackney

Dusk Shine, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

It’s difficult to believe now as we begin July with a windy, rainy day where the sun battles the clouds to be seen and I drown my cough with herbal tea, that the weather in May was actually sunny and warm.

During the early days of May, we had sunshine filled evenings. Ali and I took advantage of this summer-like weather by taking long walks and picnics in both our nearby parks, London Fields and Victoria Park. Our flat has canal access, and we get to both parks by walking along Regent’s Canal. At this time of year, around 6pm, the sun brings a golden hue over the green trees and colourful reflections on the water. Travellers rest in their houseboats, docked along the river and men and women on bicycles and in running shoes go about their evening workout routines. Ali and I just skip along, enjoying the beauty and warmth that seem to come and go without consistency in London.

Visit my Our Hood in Hackney set for more photos of us in our garden area, as well as our strolls along Regent’s Canal to visit both London Fields and Victoria Park.