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Welcome Addison Nicole

Welcome Addison Nicole, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

My niece was born today to my brother Bill and his girlfriend Shannon. Ali and I had planned to head to Kentucky to visit my dad with my other brother Jake this morning, and due to various obstacles we had to postpone our trip until next week. This ended up being in our favour, as we were able to meet little Addison just an hour after she was born.

I waited my turn to hold her and wasn’t quite prepared for the burst of emotions that came forth when I held her. I cried in happiness and felt overwhelmed as I held the tiny babe in my arms, all 7lbs. 9oz. of her. Precious. This is the first time I have been in the country and able to see the new little addition to our family, as I was overseas for the birth and early months of all three of my nephews.

I’m looking forward to being around her for the next few weeks and watching her as she begins to grow into herself. With her full head of jet black hair, little button nose and tiny fingernails. My first time holding a baby so newly brought into the world. What a blessing.


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