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Uncle Ali Makes a Wish

Uncle Ali makes a wish, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

I love this photo because it embodies the sentiment of our entire day at the Detroit Zoo. On the afternoon Addison was born, we took Parker and Logan to the zoo. Logan was spending the week with us and hadn’t been to the Detroit Zoo and Ali hadn’t been yet either so we piled into my mom’s compact car — where there was barely enough room for the five of us — and headed into an adventure filled afternoon.

The day was hot and sunny, so many of the animals tried to laze their day away in the shade. Logan loved the hippos right away, perhaps it was because they were the first animals we saw after entering the park. Parker was excited to see the tigers. They seemed to be the main attraction until we saw the giraffes getting fed. Their long necks extended their equally long tongues into the hand of a visitors who paid to feed them. In the polar animals exhibit, the seals swam overhead and the boys looked above them in sheer wonder. We had lunch in the shade and cooled off in the mist spraying from the water fountain.

This fountain was the same fountain that my Great-Grandpa Jim used to clean out every day while he worked at the Detroit Zoo years ago. He used to save the money to take my mom and her siblings out for ice cream or for a ride on the mini-train through the zoo. It is only fitting that we spent some time making wishes and throwing our coins in to be collected by someone else’s grandfather at the end of their shift.

Making a wish by throwing a coin into a fountain was a new experience for both Logan and Parker. Uncle Ali took the lead in demonstrating how it is done. They looked on in astonishment as he flipped his coin into the water behind him. The following photos in this set show each of them making a wish.

For more photos from this set: Detroit Zoo photos. The ones of my nephews facing the camera are always marked with privacy settings, so only those registered as friends and family on my flickr account can view them. If you would like a guest pass, then leave a comment or send me an email and I would be happy to send it out to you. You don’t get the full experience of the day without seeing the smiles and surprise on my nephew’s faces. Not to mention seeing ali as the coolest uncle in town.