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Dansville Corner

Dansville Corner, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Every time I head back to Howell, I spend time with an old friend, the person whom I keep in touch with that has known me the longest, aside from my own family. Kim has known me through middle school crushes on all the cute boys up until now, recently attending our Michigan Wedding Celebration. We lost touch through the college years as I had moved during junior year of high school and kind of disappeared off the map.

Kim now lives in Dansville with her husband James, who is currently serving in Iraq with the Army Reserves. She is an amazing woman; a social worker who takes on all the problems of everyone else, even amidst her own personal struggles.

We spent time at her home sipping wine, watching funny movies and hanging out with her family; two kittens named Shadow and Jack, and her rotweiler named Heidi. As she drove me back to my mom’s in Howell, I relished in the small town farming community which she now lives. There is one stop sign in town and I used this opportunity to snap some photos as a couple seated comfortably on a tractor chugged by.

It’s always refreshing to spend time with someone who has known me for so long and is always such a faithful friend.

Dansville, Mi. photo set.