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Lake Michigan

Posing for the Camera, originally uploaded by kara melissa. Photo taken by Adriann

After celebrating Jilliann’s first birthday at the Divozzos we headed to our next stop on our Great Road Trip of the summer, Lake Michigan, Saugatuck. We took a short hike through the forest to the dunes at Saugatuck Dunes State Park. As our feet sank into the sand, hot from the afternoon sun, Jilliann fell asleep against her mother’s back. As Adriann walked along the shore, Ali and I played Frisbee and dipped our feet into the refreshing water. Too bad we hadn’t brought our suits.

The beauty of Lake Michigan, is that it’s a fresh water lake which stretches beyond your sight as you stand on a sandy shore, giving the illusion that you are actually along the coast with the great wide ocean before you. I have many fond memories of trekking out to the dunes with friends at all times of the day or night during my college years. So, I was happy to be able to share this special place with Ali.

After we left the lake, Adriann headed back home and would later meet us in Chicago with Jason. Our next stop was lunch with Mandy, in downtown Saugatuck, which is cute and friendly. The downtown area is also filled with many artists as well as summer boarders and tourists. We had lunch at another place I visited often during my college years, Wally’s Bar and Grill. It was fabulous to see Mandy one more time before hitting the road to Chicago, where Jen and Fred awaited both our arrival and the Divozzos.

Good times with even better friends.

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