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It’s the busiest time of the year! For a teacher.

I’ve entered exciting times in the world of education. I’ve just signed up to take one of my MA Ed courses online this semester. I’ve put off completing the programme since living in BKK. It hasn’t been financially viable and it’s probably not right this minute either, but I can procrastinate no longer! I have until 2009 to complete the degree for a MA in Education with a focus on International Education and I just discovered that I can — thankfully — take three of the courses online, while finishing an additional two onsite somewhere. Hopefully the courses I need will be offered at one of the sites in Poland, as that is the closest and most affordable location for me to get to.

The class I will be taking is Research and Development and I am actually looking forward to it. I will certainly be kept busy, but I seem to enjoy life in London that way. I will have a variety of assignments, but one large research paper on a topic of my choice. Today I was toying with the topic of brain research and education, while delving into the difference in the way that boys and girls learn. I’ll keep you in the loop. I know you are excited and waiting in anticipation for my every move.

In other education news, my new job starts tomorrow! For my first week back, we have teacher training.  In case you weren’t aware, I have gotten a job at a very good international school in north London, in a very posh area. After our week of training we have a nice three day bank holiday weekend. Then open house — where the kids come in and meet their new teacher with their parents the day before school begins — what a novel idea. The first day with the kiddies will be a week from Wed. I feel ready. Well rested. Relaxed. And excited. All that good stuff. I’ll be teaching grade 2, a new grade level for me. I’m happy to be working with kids a bit older than the age group I worked with last year. Different is good!

We also have booked our evening for our FIRST ANNIVERSARY, which is on September 7th, the same as our friends the Divozzos!!!  I’m getting pretty excited about getting the cake out of the back of the freezer and finding out how much of it is plagued with freezer burn. I remember the story my friend K told me about her first anniversary and the state of the top of their wedding cake. But it’s the sentiment, right? It will be the Friday of Ali’s first week at Reuters. We will rendezvous at a theatre near Southbank, the Old Vic, to see the play All About My Mother; I missed the film version when it came around to the cinema in BKK years ago. We’ll have dinner beforehand and toast to a year where we will be able to enjoy theatre and the arts beyond the “free events” section in Time Out.

So, back to the reality of the present. The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is calling me to the kitchen for one more treat before bed time. Because now I have one, a bed time that is. And a wake up time. Back to the daily grind of the commute. But now I have more choices. Over line train (above ground) or tube (underground). Which will it be? I’ll tell you all about it. The next time I have a free moment…


2 thoughts on “It’s the busiest time of the year! For a teacher.”

  1. Best of luck getting ready for school. It’s such an exciting part of the year. When you get a chance, send me a link to the school. I would love to see where you are teaching. The countdown has started for the end of my pregnancy. I will let you know when little Lucy has arrived! Shouldn’t be too much longer, thank goodness..


  2. Happy anniversary in advance! Saving the wedding cake for the first anniversary is something that I we forgot and could obviously not do because we had our honeymoon in Phi-Phi. Honestly I was so disappointed with my wedding cake because they did not follow my request and I still shudder whenever I see what it looked like in our wedding photos 🙂

    Good luck with the new job and your online studies. Teaching at a new school has always been both exciting and scary for me. At least I have another 4 years before I have to renew my certification.

    Is the MA you’re taking the same or similar to the international teacher certificate offered by ECIS and University of Cambridge? Two of our teachers here are taking masters degree and certification classes in England.


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