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Classic Countryside Scene

Tree and Bales of Hay, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

We were driving out of the long, windy driveway — if you could call it that, perhaps a wide trail — from my mom and her husband Jerry’s property ‘up north’. So far it’s many acres where slowly a cabin is being built with a small barn and travel trailer as well as various hunting stands already standing. It’s peaceful and definitely deep into the country. Bear country. We didn’t see one on our short trip there, although as we picked raspberries, I was on constant lookout over my shoulder. There have been black bear sightings before, by my mom herself.

Our trip was short and quite a whirlwind and I took this picture as we were headed back home to my mom’s, about a four hour drive south. My nephews Ethan and Logan were in the back, reading books and eating Traverse City cherries. We had driven up to my great-grandmother’s home, near Kalkaska, where I took photo after photo to freeze the memories in place from my childhood. Another story altogether that I just don’t have the energy for at the moment. Weeks in summer spent with her during my childhood, in the very home her children have recently put up for sale.

We also met up with my Uncle Mark and his family for breakfast in Traverse City. It was good to see them and they were kind enough to treat all of us to breakfast. Many blessings and thanks.

It was a trip full of adventure and as always, the family photos are private, so if in my exhaustion I have failed to email you the guest link to view them, then just leave a comment and I will send it off to you. You just don’t want to miss all the photos of the kiddies, we sure did have a lot of fun.

The pictures are perfect for reminiscing and for when I wish I could just pop on over to their homes or my mom’s and read a book with them.