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Enjoy the Silence

No matter who sings that song, Depeche Mode or Tori Amos, it’s always a good one. Remixed or old school, you always sing along and know the words to the next line before it comes.

And it’s been too silent here at Free As Trees. I do apologise. I have been hibernating beneath the new school year and all the work that has come with it, staying at work until 5pm, which I must say I have NEVER done in all my — now eight — years of teaching. Wow. I must really like my job. And it must be lots of work, that I hardly feel I’m coming out even on. Or both. I’m also being trained in a new literacy programme called First Steps through school which adds additional homework time, but very effective information that I can actually use in my teaching which is fantastic.

I’m also buried beneath this online Research and Evaluation course that I signed up for to work towards the completion of my MA in Education. Unfortunately so far it’s proving to be a lot of reading and I haven’t even begun the research yet. Sigh. I also find it boring. Sorry, but really I would rather be taking a photography class ( I tried, but it was too expensive because I don’t qualify for education as a resident here, only as an international which means add a couple hundred pounds onto that price tag, please.) OR a literature class. I miss reading novels on the commute to and from work. Just need to hang in there until December. A guy I work with said to me Friday, ‘what are you working so hard for, life is too short really’. And I thought yeah, but I can’t give up, I only have until 2009 to finish this degree and didn’t I take a three and a half year break already? But then you get into the reasoning behind the actions and in the end, whatever. I want to finish what I started, even if I look forward to starting something else later. Like that children’s book I got the idea for while I was teaching in Switzerland. And I miss taking pictures.

There is also a new development in our personal lives that I haven’t divulged yet, which is the main reason for keeping quiet.  Secrets are fun, unless you really want to tell everyone about it anyways but can’t all at once.

Anyways, life is good. Ali is enjoying Reuters. Autumn seems to have arrived. I’ll do the summer and winter clothes exchange this weekend and hang our burgundy velvet drapes we bought in Chicago.  Although I’m still waiting for a pallet of colours  to unfold, they don’t exist here like they do in Michigan. My nephew Parker turned four on September 16th, and his little sister Addison seems to keep on growing, days of her infant-hood only a mere memory. Ethan is enjoying school, his first grade teacher was my sixth grade teacher years ago. And she still remembers me and probably the battle we had over that journal of mine she tried to take away because I was writing in class rather than listening. Who me? Logan is spending time at my mom’s and enjoying Kindergarten. Everyone is growing up.

It feels good to write again. Even if it is just a bit of a babble. Just enough to break the silence.

And behind all of the daily grind activities are thoughts of the Burmese people, rising up against their military dictatorship this week.  I’m remembering the time I spent there and the people I met.  And I’m glad that the world is finally watching and paying attention to what has been happening for years in a country that has been cut off from the outside world by its military junta. 


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  1. Kara – you sound busy. And I’m dying to know what your secret is. But I won’t ask – you’ll tell us when you’re ready! Kwaj is still great. And teaching is…well…one of my kids spelled “kooch” instead of “coach” – so I’m still on the fast track to hell 🙂 Just get the Masters over with. Love!


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