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Back with a Bang!

Well, it’s been silent here for about 7 weeks or so now. I haven’t even filled an October moment in the calendar to the left. Oh, woe is me. Not really. It’s time to get those keys clickin’ and those thoughts movin’ onto the world wide web. I’m back. With a bang.

I FINALLY have been able to burst with our news news news. I’ve made the phone calls, all that I could with the time difference and being exhausted, since, like, August. I’ve sent the emails. And now I can tell the rest of the world. Only in preparation of future ramblings without worry…well the worry bit is something I am still working on. But that’s another point all together.

Drum roll please…Here it is….We are 13 weeks PREGNANT!!!! Wahooo. It’s true. We found out on August 28th and waited until the 12 week mark to tell most folks. We knew, with blatant reminders from some, that it was ‘early days.’ Which mostly came from a generation other than my own or my mom’s, and I did get sick of hearing it.  We had chosen those very close to us to share the news and I didn’t need someone else to whisper their own worries into my heart, I’ve got enough of my own. Like every time I walked down the stairs or onto and off the train. I was always afraid of falling while secretly clutching the belly that was. not. there. yet. But I digress.  I knew the reason for the worry and I was trying to stifle my own silent worries and pray pray pray that everything continued as normal.  Which involved a lot of puking, but more on that later.

Because. Everything. Is. Fantastic. We had our ultra-sound, which they call a ‘dating scan’ here, to make sure that everything looked boring, aka. normal. And also to find out how old the baby is exactly. Let me tell you, it was everything but boring. There was this tiny thing, 5cm to be exact, wiggling around in my belly, er, uterus and its arms were moving, its legs were kicking and its butt was popping up and down. It’s alive!!! And it’s well. And the size confirmed what the midwives calculated, the baby was 12 weeks, and our due date is April 28th, 2008. Wow. The Sharp family is about to get bigger.

Because being pregnant is ABSOLUTELY exhausting, some of you know this, it was not to difficult for me to hibernate. My days went something like this: Wake up five times during the night to pee. Get up and slowly eat a bland breakfast. Sip on tea. Take a shower. Get ready for work. Brush teeth. Puke up breakfast and tea. Get on public transport with a puke bag. Just in case. Climb the hill to my new, very demanding job. Eat a snack. Work. Eat lunch. Try not to fall asleep in the library during planning. Eat more snacks. Work more. Come home. Eat another snack.* Take a nap. Make dinner. Eat. Lay on the couch — unable to move — with indigestion. Do homework for my MA course online. Try to read something interesting to keep my sanity. Go to sleep at an early hour. Start all over again.

This schedule allowed little time to share the news to those I wanted to, during ‘early days.’ But I did. And so did my mom. She was able to tell everyone for me. And then at 12 weeks, I got to tell everyone else. And it’s been fabulous. The cats out of the bag. I’m on half-term holiday, hardly napping, sleeping in, staying up later, and NOT puking. It’s fantastic. And puking wasn’t so bad. After all, it was a healthy reminder that everything was working according to plan and that I have a baby in my belly. Besides, after eight weeks straight, it does become a part of the morning routine. Not to mention the perks. Like the fact that Ali was always there to rub my back and cheer me on. I’ve just developed a slight phobia of the tooth brush (which was what brought my morning sessions on).

Entering 13 weeks, trimester two, it’s a whole new ball game. The belly is movin’ on out and the sickness, well, I still need to make sure I’m never hungry. And I love. Love. Love. Learning about this little baby growing inside me. I love it when Ali bends down to kiss my belly. I love taking the weekly Sunday photo to keep track of growth, even when minimal. I love reading my pregnancy books in bed on Saturday mornings while Ali makes breakfast. I love not having to be quiet any more. I love being pregnant. Life is good. Damn good.

*You will notice a lot of snack eating going on. The funny thing about ‘morning sickness’ is that is can strike at any hour. Being hungry also causes pangs of sickness and gagging, so in order to curb this, one must eat. I now understand why pregnant women eat all the time. It’s not because the food tastes good — because for me I could rarely find something I actually wanted to eat — it’s to keep from puking.


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  1. Hi Kara! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, as even though we were never able to spend time together because of timing, etc., I feel like I know you through our wonderful, mutual friends. A hearty congrats to you and Ali!! This is a wonderful, amazing time for you both, so enjoy to your heart’s content! XO, Katherine – Oh, and keep on snacking, sister, it really does make you and baby feel better!


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