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Blurbs and the 2nd Trimester

I look at my blog every day. I follow links of my favourite people to see what and if they have anything to say. I stare at the picture of my belly that was smaller at 11.5 weeks and is now a little bigger, but strangers would still have no idea that I am pregnant. Or that I feel hungry almost all of the time and if I don’t eat, then Watch Out. I’ve started reading my book ‘The Best Friends Guide to Being Pregnant’ on the train, not to get a seat, but because I have absolutely no other time to read it. And sure, a seat would be nice too. But I must admit, most of the time I get one because I take the train with a little less traffic.

Time. I keep reading that I better take advantage of it now because after the baby is born, it will no longer exist. Time that is. It will be sucked out by all the things I have no idea about, but try to get a sneak peak at in my pregnancy books and magazines. I am 15 weeks this week. I am only puking about once a week, still gagging at wretched smells. I’m not as tired, I can get away without the late afternoon/early evening nap on the couch when I get home from work. Instead, I relax and have a snack with ali since he’s been home when I get home, as his desk rotations began a couple of weeks ago. We can make dinner together and sometimes he makes it for us. It’s a welcome break to put my feet up before diving into The Course.

Yep. I’m still deep into my research and the paper and now collecting the data. And reports just started. Fantastic. So mostly when I check in on my blog, I’m staring at my picture thinking ‘I wish I had time to write,’ but instead have to get to work. Blah. I took the time tonight. Because I miss it. And it makes me feel good. I wanted to document everything. Every day. Every night. Every moment of being pregnant. But there is just no time. And sometimes, there’s not much to say. That doesn’t repeat itself. Don’t worry, I have a journal which I carry with me, this is my pregnancy journal, as I know everyone isn’t as interested in these moments as I am and some things are just private. I’m not about to make this a pregnancy blog, but it feels wonderful to be able to talk about it whenever I want to! Because this is our life.

Anyways, I am pretty excited to be in the 2nd Trimester. I feel that surge of energy I’ve been reading about. Still waiting for the belly to break out, but can seriously only wear about three pairs of pants that I own, these were my reserve, ‘I used to weigh more’ pants. They are still tight beneath my belly and I can’t wait to get home and undo the top button or just put those comfy yoga pants on. I try to refrain from pj’s until after 8pm, it’s just not fair to ali for me to lounge in my jammies all the time. Plus, I would just want to veg on the couch and we can’t have that, can we?

Being pregnant is really an amazing thing. I had no idea. Everyone says, and all the sources say, enjoy it. I’m doing the best I can. There are waves of emotions and they come and go and they could be the flood gates of tears or the belly aches of laughter. And they are mostly unexplainable. But I love them anyway. Even if I seem a bit mad at the time! Mad, in the British sense of the word, not angry, but a little bit/a lot loopy.

Happy is me. Happy is we.

Note to readers: I’ve had a lot of wonderful emails and comments since our big announcement and I have hardly been able to respond to anyone due to my busy schedule.  I have not forgotten you and your words were so much appreciated and treasured.  Thank you.  I promise to write soon!  Oh and we went to Cornwall for a long weekend for the half term holiday about two weeks ago, will also work on posting pictures soon.  


2 thoughts on “Blurbs and the 2nd Trimester”

  1. Hi Kara,

    Your pic. is so beautiful! What an amazing time for you both to enjoy. I am sorry that I have been so disconnected with e-mails, writings and blogs. Now that James is home may be my life can slow down a little bit and I can start finding more time for reflection and quiet time. James is working on the internet/home phone issues. I am going to call soon. I saw Brandi with Molly last Thurs. she was at the airport when James’s flight came into Flint. I had not seen Brandi in a long time and it was good to see her. I also was able to have a nice chat with your mom last week or so, she had called me. I miss you Kara! I hope that your body continues to gain strength and that the sickness and tiredness continues to go away.

    Love, Kimberly


  2. What EXCITING news!! I am so happy for you two!

    Keep eating and get some rest. 😉

    “Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It’s to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside of your body.”
    ~ Elizabeth Stone


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