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The Bump, My Lovely Lady Hump: In Progress

13 Weeks, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

This is me at 13 weeks, it was the last time I could wear these jeans buttoned up. Today I bought and lovely bandeau to cover my growing bump and the top of jeans I can still wear, but with the button undone. Genius invention and slightly high fashion too.

17 Weeks

This is me at 17 weeks. The bump grows and I’m happy to have found another outfit I can still wear. Notice the black turtle neck makes an appearance in both pictures. Even though the bump still hasn’t full popped out, I can no longer sleep on my back and must sleep on my side, apparently the left one is best. Makes for a lot of tossing and turning at night, but I get up to pee a few times, so no worries.

Assessing the Bump

Here I am at the beginning of 18 weeks, Ali took this photo yesterday and I am wearing one of the dresses he bought me to ‘grow into’. It’s amazing how much the baby (and my bump) have grown in just one week. Although I think it’s pretty obvious I’m pregnant here, the interesting thing is that my belly is always bigger in the evening versus the morning. I understand the reasons for this,When you are pregnant the digestion process goes a bit slow… Anyways, it feels great to be able to see how much my bump has grown in just the past few weeks, which is why we take photos every weekend. There are a few more in the flickr set: Pregnancy, which I will add to periodically.


3 thoughts on “The Bump, My Lovely Lady Hump: In Progress”

  1. Kara, you look beautiful!! More and more like your mama…more and more like a mama…
    I have been thinking of you. I tried to order you MOthering mag, which I really like, so we’ll see if you get it. I might call over there to make sure they received the order. I know they mail to the UK.
    I’m very very excited for you!! Never would have thought we’d have kids so close in age.
    I’m glad you are enjoying pregnancy. When it’s all over it’s a weird feeling to think, oh, I might never experience this again, or if I do it will probably be only once or twice more. I believe that because you are a peaceful person, your baby must be at peace in your belly, resting in all that good energy. Much love to you!


  2. Kara!

    You look so happy and content. 🙂 Until I saw the picture on the bottom, I was like, “WHAT BUMP?” And the ultra sound! So cute! I can’t wait to see this little person in real life! 🙂


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